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This insurance plan is offered to members of the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec.


Since 1997, the Loi sur l’assurance-médicaments considers doctors under the age of 65 who are members in good standing of the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec are not eligible for the public drug plan. If you are not already covered by;

  • your employer
  • the plan of the employer of your spouse
  • the regime of another association to which you belong

…you must adhere to the drug regimen negotiated by the FMSQ.  You must also cover your spouse and dependent children as provided by law.

Dependent child means an eligible person who is a resident of Canada and who:

  • is under 21 years of age and over whom the member or member?s spouse exercises parental authority or exercised parental authority until he reached the age of majority;
  • is 25 years old or under and is a full-time student at an accredited educational institution and over whom the member or the member's spouse would exercise parental authority if he were a minor;
  • has reached the age of majority and is suffering from a functional impairment referred to in the regulation pertaining to the Drug Insurance Act adopted by the Quebec government. This impairment must have existed when the person's status fit the definition of either a) or b) above. In order to be considered a person suffering from a functional impairment, this person must be living with the member or the member?s spouse who would exercise parental authority over him, were he a minor.

It is understood that the functional impairment will be defined as provided by the regulations of any provincial law, if any.

Spouse means any eligible person who resides in Canada and who at the time of the event giving rise to a claim:

  • is legally married to the member;
  • living in a conjugal relationship with the member for at least 12 months and shall not be separated for 90 days or more because of the failure of their union;
  • living in a conjugal relationship with the member, had a child with him and shall not be separated for 90 days or more because of the failure of their union


The FMSQ has set up a group plan providing greater coverage than the public plan, and even reimburses medicines requiring a prescription as well as vaccines.


In addition, it gives you excellent travel insurance including medical and hospitalization assistance. You also get a trip cancellation insurance (10 000$ per insured person).


Travel insurance covers you for all your travels abroad, whether for a one-day trip or a trip up to 182 days. There is no limit on the number of trips you take throughout the year. The protection is 5 000 000$ per insured person.


You do not have to obtain that protection through your travel agency, which represents a great way to save in your travel budget.


You can choose between Option 1 and Option 2.

Option 1 offers insurance protection on drugs, travel insurance and trip cancellation.


Option 2 offers all of Option 1 as well as reimbursement of paramedical expenses, such as health professionals, private laboratory tests and much more.


For a more complete summary of the plan and to determine premiums, please refer to our brochures.



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