Medical specialist - Automobile insurance



Trust Sogemec for your car insurance and enjoy coverage that fits your life.


The strength of your group gives you quality products and services at exclusive rates.



Replacement cost – Protect your new vehicle against depreciation


Worry-Free Option® – This package provides the following coverage:

  • If you rent a car
    Up to $100,000 for damage to unowned vehicles
  • If your car is stolen or is off the road following an accident
    - Up to $1,500 for travel costs
    - Up to $750 for additional expenses if the loss occurs during a trip
  • If your car is a total loss or is damaged in a hit-and-run
    No deductible

Umbrella policy – Provides additional liability insurance for losses that occur anywhere in the world


The Sogemec group insurance plan is underwritten by The Personal General Insurance Inc.
Some conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply to the offers described above.
The terms and conditions of the coverages described are set out in the insurance policy, which always prevails.
® Worry-Free Option is a registered trademark of a company affiliated with The Personal General Insurance Inc.